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Sk-hg (microzyme)

Sk-hg (microzyme)

Product introduction

Cuticle exists in the outermost layer of the skin, which is a very important barrier for the body and can prevent various environmental stress factors. In order to maintain the elasticity and softness of the skin and the function of the barrier, the skin needs to maintain the optimal moisture content.

To ensure that these two functions can firmly control the moisturizing effect of the skin, that is to say, through the intact and impermeable barrier of the skin, to meet the water retention of the cuticle structure of the skin. To compensate for the loss of water in the epidermis, we use water retaining substances such as polyvalent alcohols and polysaccharides. Glucosamine is a hydrolyzed p-glucan from the fungus rolfsii, which can prevent water loss by increasing the water content of cells. Excellent water locking ability and biological activity make the effective component of puccinic acid

The use of cosmetics. Because of its high polymer content up to 1.200kda and thickening properties, its use concentration is limited. The current research focuses on the effect of low molecular weight of gigaguumhg on human skin epidermis.

The Structure of Fungus Plant Glue

Product Efficacies and Advantage

1. Stimulate activated cells, have good moisturizing properties, improve skin health and improve skin quality.

2. have good affinity with the biological or silk mask, make your skin feel soft and comfortable, do not drip water, do not read you, completely absorbed by the skin.

3. A small amount of additives can bring refreshing and non greasy moisture.

1. It can penetrate into the cuticle, making the skin more transparent and moist.

About Product Testing

In vitro evaluation of skin protective substances of SK-HG Sclerotium Gum

Evaluation Method:

The method was maintained within the 24-hour use specification, and the skin recombinant (skin module) was activated by using 0.1% or 0.01% SK-HG formula. Then the skin module was removed by using 0.25% SDS solution for 45 minutes, and the skin module was recovered after using another 0.1% or 0.01% SK-HG formula for 15 minutes.

Assessment Analysis:

In order to evaluate the damage of LDH concentration on cells and release from damaged cells, the enzyme was determined by cell culture dish floating on the surface. In addition, the cell division of ll Lalpha was detected by ELISA. The results showed that the use of 0.01% or 0.1% SK-HG without question showed no inflammation, and the LDH on the surface of cell culture was very low. In contrast, SDS allows a large number of LDH to be released from cells, and SK-HG treatment at 24 hours significantly reduces the cell protective activity that shows him.

In addition, in the presence of SK-HG, LL-lalpha, which causes cell division and inflammation, was reduced.

In vitro experiment of human epidermis recombination——Measure LDH release.

In vitro experiment of human epidermis recombination——Measure LL-lalpha release.

Evaluation Results:

SK-HG Sclerotium Gum reduces cell damage caused by detergent contact, and it also reduces inflammation caused by cell division under these conditions and under the pressure of protecting skin against environment.

Skin sensory evaluation of SK-HG Sclerotium Gum

Evaluation Method:

There will be 0.5% SK-HG test formula for 10 volunteers to use. The evaluation results and preferences of volunteers are shown in the figure below about whether it is easy to push it on the skin.

Evaluation Results:

According to the sensory evaluation, first apply the SK-HG containing cream carrier, nourish and velvet skin touch to further verify the benefits of using this active ingredient.

Evaluation of in vivo properties of SK-HG Sclerotium Gum (calculation of skin data, striation, roughness, structure and surface / area)

Evaluation Method:

12 volunteers used the carrier or contained 1% or 1.5% SK-HG, and an unused control group. One hour after use, the skin state uses the visionscan v98 photography to calculate the parameters of skin performance into data. The dose is based on the data detected by SK-HG.

使用一小时后:one hour after use





In vivo test of SK-HG Sclerotium Gum on skin protection function (stimulation test)

Evaluation method:

30 female volunteers, using the formula containing 1.5% sk-hg, daub it on one side of the face twice a day, and detect its stimulation. It can reduce the stimulation of applying 10% lactic acid in people. Measure the stimulus objectively before use, 1 week after use and 15 minutes after use.

Assessment analysis:

In the control group of SK-HG application, the total pain was reduced by nearly 10%. These data are consistent with in vitro test data, indicating that stimulation of external environmental stress can be reduced

Evaluation results:

Sk-hg Sclerotium Gum can resist the stimulation and damage caused by external pressure and relieve the skin.

Product Characteristic Index:

Physical properties

White or light yellow powder with characteristic odor




dissolve in water

Heavy metals (in Pb)


Total Number of Colonies



Essence and mask solution are especially effective, and can also be used in other skin care cream products.

Operation Notice

It can be added to the water phase. If the amount of emulsifier is used in general, it may be interfered in viscosity control sometimes. It should be added in liquid state when the temperature is lower than 40 ℃ in cooling engineering. The viscosity of the emulsifier may be reduced. In this case, the viscosity can be adjusted by adding hexadecimal, octadecanoic acid or hexadecyl, octadecanol or colloid (Xanthan gum).

Recommended Usage