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What are the Advantages of Erythritol

Erythritol has the following advantages over xylitol


1. Erythritol is a natural zero calorie sweetener, xylitol is caloric.


2. Erythritol is more tolerant than xylitol. All sugars and alcohols will have diarrhea when eating too much. There is a problem of tolerance, and erythritol is the most tolerated in human body.


3. The average glycemic index and insulin index of erythritol are lower than those of xylitol, so erythritol has less effect on blood glucose and has antioxidant activity.


4. A lot of sugars and alcohols will feel cool when eating. This cool feeling comes from the heat absorbed by dissolving. When dissolving, it will absorb your heat, so we feel cool. The degree of coolness of each product is expressed by the coefficient of heat of dissolution and absorption. Erythritol has the highest heat of dissolution and absorption, and its coolness is the highest.


5. In terms of production technology, erythritol is the only sugar alcohol produced by fermentation, which is closer to natural transformation and extraction. Other sugar alcohols are produced by hydrogenation, so the production process is different.


6. Erythritol is basically non hygroscopic, other sugar alcohols have different degrees of hygroscopicity, non hygroscopic will increase the application field.


7. Xylitol is mainly used in the field of candy and medicine in Europe. Although xylitol is added moderately in FDA and European regulations, the high intake of human body will cause the rise of blood sugar, diarrhea and other symptoms.